Where to buy an activation code for a Kaspersky product


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Where to buy an activation code for a Kaspersky product

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Latest update: October 21, 2019 ID: 13946

After installing a Kaspersky application, you will need to activate it. Enter the activation code or start a trial version of the program. The trial version is free and it works for 30 days from the moment of activation. With the trial license expired, the anti-virus databases cannot be updated and most of the application's functions become unavailable. 

To continue using the program, you will need to acquire an activation code and start the full version. 

If you are looking for an activation key to renew your license, see this article.


Via the Kaspersky website


Via the program interface


Via the My Kaspersky account


Via a partner store


What to do if you did not get the purchased activation code

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