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About Trusted Applications mode

16 September 2019

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In Kaspersky Total Security, you can create on your computer a secure environment, called Trusted Applications mode, in which only trusted applications are allowed to start. Trusted Applications mode is useful if you use a stable set of well-known applications and you do not need to frequently run new unknown applications downloaded from the Internet. When running in Trusted Applications mode, Kaspersky Total Security blocks all applications that have not been classified as trusted by Kaspersky. The decision on whether to trust an application can be made based on information received from Kaspersky Security Network, details of the application's digital signature, and the trust level of the installer and the source of the application download.

Trusted Applications mode has the following features and limitations:

  • To use Trusted Applications mode, make sure that all of the following protection components are enabled: Application Control, File Anti-Virus, and System Watcher. If any of these components stops running, Trusted Applications mode is disabled.
  • Trusted Applications mode may be unavailable if system files are located on partitions of a hard drive with a non-NTFS file system.
  • Trusted Applications mode may be missing or unavailable in the current version of Kaspersky Total Security. The availability of Trusted Applications mode in Kaspersky Total Security depends on your region and service provider. If you need Trusted Applications mode, you are recommended to ask for it when purchasing the application.
  • If your version of Kaspersky Total Security supports Trusted Applications mode but this mode is not available currently, the mode may become available after you update the database and program modules. After the databases and application modules are updated, you can configure the run mode for unknown applications and modules.

Trusted Applications mode can be enabled automatically or manually. When Trusted Applications mode is enabled manually, all applications installed on the computer are assigned Trusted status. Applications installed after Trusted Application mode was enabled are not assigned Trusted status and are processed according to general rules of Application Control.

You can also enable Trusted Applications mode manually after Kaspersky Total Security analyzes the operating system and installed applications. If the analysis by Kaspersky Total Security detects that unknown applications have been installed on the computer but these applications are known to you, it is recommended to enable Trusted Applications mode and allow the startup of these applications in advance.

Trusted Applications mode is enabled automatically if Kaspersky Total Security analysis of the operating system and installed applications reveals that mostly trusted applications are used on the computer.

When Trusted Applications mode is enabled, Kaspersky Total Security may block applications that have not been recognized as trusted. If you use such applications, you can allow them to run, and then enable Trusted Applications mode.

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