Kaspersky Total Security 20

Assessing computer protection status and resolving security issues

16 September 2019

ID 70907

Problems with computer protection are symbolized by an indicator located in the upper part of the main application window. Green indicates that your computer is protected. Yellow indicates that there are protection problems and red indicates that your computer's security is at serious risk. You are advised to fix problems and security threats immediately.

You can open the Notification Center window by clicking the indicator in the main application window. This window provides detailed information about the protection status of the computer and suggests possible actions for rectifying problems and threats.

Problems with protection are grouped by categories. For each problem, a list is displayed of actions that you can take to solve the problem.

The Recommendations section lists actions that should be performed to optimize operation of the application and use it more effectively.

The Show N ignored notifications section displays notifications to which the Ignore action has been applied. Problems listed in this section do not affect the color of the protection indicator in the main application window.

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