Recommendations upon the co-usage of Kaspersky Security 10.x for Windows Server and Oracle DBMS

Latest update: September 05, 2019 ID: 13163

The article concerns:

  • Kaspersky Security 10.1.2 for Windows Server
  • Kaspersky Security 10.1.1 for Windows Server
  • Kaspersky Security 10.1.0 for Windows Server
  • Kaspersky Security 10.0.0 for Windows Server

If you use an Oracle DBMS on a computer with Kaspersky Endpoint 10.x for Windows Server installed, we recommend that you exclude the following critical Oracle files from scanning:

  • Oracle files with the DBF extension.
  • Files with the LOG extension.  Log files are created when backing up files or restoring the database from a backup.
  • Redo files with the RDO extension which contain real-time Oracle performance logs.
  • Control files with the CTL extension.

You can exclude these files in the following ways:

  • By adding Oracles software catalogs to the Trusted Zone exclusions list on the server where the files are stored.
  • Add exclusions based on the file extension in the protection scope settings of the Real-Time File Protection task:
    • *.dbf
    • *.log
    • *.rdo
    • *.ctl
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