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13 December 2023

ID 57688

To view a report:

  1. In Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console, select the Administration Server <Server name> node.
  2. In the workspace of the node, go to the Reports tab and select the report template that you want to view.

    A report generated from the selected template is displayed in the workspace.

By default, the template of the network attack report is not included in the list of report templates on the Reports tab. Use the Report Template Wizard to add a network attack report template to the list of templates (see the Kaspersky Security Center documentation for details). After the Wizard finishes, the newly created report template will be added to the list on the Reports tab.

The report shows the following information:

  • Report type and name, brief report description and reporting period, and details of the group for which the report has been generated
  • Chart that illustrates the most representative report data
  • Consolidated table with calculated report indicators
  • Table with detailed report data

For more information on managing reports, see the Kaspersky Security Center documentation.

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