Renewing subscription

13 December 2023

ID 89136

When you use the application under subscription, Kaspersky Security contacts Kaspersky activation servers at specific intervals until your subscription expires.

If you use the application under unlimited subscription, Kaspersky Security checks Kaspersky activation servers for a renewed key in background mode and, if it is available, adds it by replacing the previous key. In this way, unlimited subscription for Kaspersky Security is renewed without user involvement.

If you use the application under limited subscription, on the day when subscription (or the grace period after subscription expiry during which subscription renewal is available) expires, Kaspersky Security sends the relevant information to the Administration Server of Kaspersky Security Center and stops attempting to renew subscription automatically. Kaspersky Security stops updating the application databases and stops using the Kaspersky Security Network.

You can renew your subscription by contacting the vendor that sold you Kaspersky Security.

After renewing subscription, you have to restart the key addition task that you created to add a subscription key.

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