Kaspersky Security Cloud for Mac

View the status of computer protection

14 February 2022

ID 58282

The protection status indicator, which is shaped like a shield and located in the main application window, informs you about computer protection problems. Depending on the status of computer protection, the color of the indicator can change. If Kaspersky Security Cloud detects any security threats, a message about threats appears in the main application window and the indicator changes color.

The indicator color can change in the following ways:

  • Green. Your computer is appropriately protected.

    A green indicator signifies that anti-virus databases are up to date and all application components have been configured as recommended by Kaspersky. No malicious objects have been detected, or any detected malicious objects have been neutralized.

  • Yellow. The level of computer protection is reduced.

    A yellow indicator signifies that Kaspersky Security Cloud is aware of a problem. Such problems include, for example, minor deviations from the recommended protection preferences or slightly outdated application databases.

  • Red. Your computer is at risk of infection.

    A red indicator signifies that there are dangerous problems that may lead to the infection of your computer and loss of data. For example, the anti-virus application databases are extremely out of date, the application is not activated, or malicious objects have been detected.

    It is recommended to fix problems and deal with security threats as soon as possible.

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