Kaspersky Security Cloud for Mac

Application preferences window

14 February 2022

ID 58163

Open the Kaspersky Security Cloud preferences window

The application preferences window contains the following tabs:

  • Protection. Use this tab to configure File Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus, Safe Money, and Network Attack Blocker preferences.
  • Scan. Use this tab to set preferences for scan tasks.
  • Threats. Use this tab to select categories of detected objects, configure the storage period for objects in Quarantine, and configure Trusted Zone.
  • KSN. Use this tab to join or leave Kaspersky Security Network. If you use Kaspersky Security Cloud within EU, UK, USA, or Brazil, you can also choose whether you want to provide information that will help Kaspersky to improve its products.
  • Update. Use this tab to configure updates of application databases and versions.
  • Privacy. Use this tab to change your privacy preferences.
  • Browsers. Use this tab to get Kaspersky Security Extension for your browsers and configure browser extension preferences.
  • HD Health. Use this tab to enable or disable regular checks of hard disks on your Mac.
  • Information. Use this tab to configure Kaspersky Security Cloud notifications and reports, enable or disable logging of debug information in trace files, and configure automatic delivery of error reports to Kaspersky.

By clicking , you can block users without administrator rights from editing Kaspersky Security Cloud preferences. This button is located at the bottom of the preferences window. You will need to enter an administrator name and password to make the preferences editable again.

The  button opens the Kaspersky Security Cloud help section that describes the active application window. You can also view the help section for the active application window by choosing Open Help for This Window in the Help menu.

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