Automatic Anti-Virus

8 November 2023

ID 71782

Automatic Anti-Virus provides anti-virus protection. The component detects and neutralizes threats, adware, and apps that intruders may use to harm your device or exploit your personal data.

Scan Device

Scan Device performs the following functions:

  • Scan. According to your choice the app scans the following:
    • Entire file system
    • Only installed apps
    • A selected file or folder
  • Update. The app downloads updated anti-virus databases used to detect threats. Update ensures your device has the latest protection.
  • Quarantine. The app moves files and apps detected while scanning to Quarantine. In Quarantine, the app stores files and apps in a compressed format so they cannot harm the device. Once a file is quarantined, you can either delete it permanently or restore it (Kaspersky app recommends that you not restore quarantined files as they might damage your device). Once an app is quarantined, you can only delete it permanently.

    How to restore quarantined files to their original folders or delete them permanently

Automatic Anti-Virus

Automatic Anti-Virus includes all Scan Device functions and provides automatic 24/7 device protection. Automatic Anti-Virus detects threats in opened files and scans apps in real-time as they are installed on the device. Anti-Virus databases and the Kaspersky Security Network cloud service are used to provide automatic protection.

If an app that collects and sends information is installed on your device, Kaspersky app may classify it as malware.

Configure Automatic Anti-Virus settings

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