Viewing permissions

8 November 2023

ID 211817

Apps may request access to key device functions and collect your personal data without you knowing. Despite the fact that some apps need these permissions to perform their main functions, most permissions you grant have potential security risks. Now you can view and control the list of permissions you have already given to installed apps.

You should make a conscious decision whether you want to allow an app to perform certain actions on your device or use its hardware (for example, the camera or microphone).

You can view information about dangerous and special permissions. Dangerous permissions can affect user’s personal and stored data (for example, contacts, camera, location, SMS, etc.). Special permissions require user’s authorization in order to manage system settings.

To see the list of apps that have a certain permission,

tap on the permission name.

To see what permissions an app has,

tap on the name of the app and scroll down to the Permissions section.

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