Installing the application

29 August 2019

ID 43556

Some versions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus are distributed by subscription, and a password received from the service provider must be entered before installation.

After you enter the password, application installation starts.

Installation of the application can take some time. Wait for it to finish.

Upon installation completion, the Setup Wizard automatically proceeds to the next step.

Checks during application installation

Kaspersky Anti-Virus performs several checks during installation. These checks may detect the following problems:

  • Non-compliance of the operating system with the software requirements. During installation the Wizard checks the following conditions:
    • Whether the operating system and Service Pack meet the software requirements
    • All the required applications are available
    • The amount of free disk space is enough for installation
    • The user installing the application has administrator privileges

    If any of the above-listed requirements is not met, a corresponding notification is displayed.

  • Presence of incompatible applications on the computer. If any incompatible applications are detected, they are displayed in a list on the screen, and you will be prompted to remove them. You are advised to manually remove any applications that Kaspersky Anti-Virus cannot remove automatically. When removing incompatible applications, you will need to restart your operating system, after which installation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus continues automatically.
  • Presence of malicious programs on the computer. If any malicious programs that interfere with installation of anti-virus software are detected on the computer, the Setup Wizard prompts you to download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, a special tool designed to neutralize infections.

    If you agree to install the utility, the Setup Wizard downloads it from the Kaspersky servers, after which installation of the utility starts automatically. If the Wizard cannot download the utility, you are prompted to download it on your own by clicking the link provided.

Installing Kaspersky Password Manager

Before completing the installation, Kaspersky Anti-Virus also prompts you to install Kaspersky Password Manager to protect your passwords. The installation of Kaspersky Password Manager may continue after finishing the installation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, there is no separate notification about completing the installation of Kaspersky Password Manager.

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