Data provision under the End User License Agreement on the territory of the European Union

29 August 2019

ID 175193

This section contains information on the specific data that are provided to Kaspersky if you have installed the application version which is intended for use in the European Union. The information mentioned in this section does not contain any personal data of the User and is needed for the operation of the Rightholder's Software, unless expressly stated otherwise.

You agree to automatically, while using the software, provide Kaspersky with the following data for improving the quality of real-time protection, improving the quality of operation of the software and the timely detection and rectification of errors associated with the mechanism for installation, removal and update of the software, accounting for the number of users:

  • Software installation / uninstallation status (success or failure), installation error code.
  • Software ID.
  • Build ID.
  • Item ID.
  • Software localization.
  • Rebranding code.
  • License term.
  • Platform type and OS manufacturer (Windows, iOS, Android), OS version, OS build number, OS update number, OS revision, extended information about the OS revision, OS type (server, workstation, domain controller), OS bit rate, additional information about the OS.
  • Device type (laptop, desktop, tablet).
  • Installation type (new installation or an update), time spent on software installation (in seconds), indicator of whether the installation was aborted by the user.
  • Type and version of the software.
  • Status of the license used by the software.
  • Information about updates of databases and application modules, and the status of the application module and database update task.
  • Operating mode of the software.
  • Information about the device protection status, and the usage status of protection components.
  • Version of the protocol used to manage software settings from the My Kaspersky website.
  • List of security problems, list of ignored security problems, and recommendations for the list of security problems.
  • Information about the triggered database entry.
  • Scan task status.
  • Time of last status change.
  • Certificate of the scanned file, public certificate key of the scanned file, and the thumbprint of the certificate of the scanned file.
  • Port used for the connection.
  • Contents and type of certificate of the website accessed by the User, IP address of the website accessed by the User, and domain of the website accessed by the User.
  • Name of the detected threat.
  • Protocol used for receiving statistical data.

To improve the quality of protection of the User performing payment transactions on the Internet, you agree to automatically provide the financial website with information about the name and version of the Software and the Software customization setting, the ID of the Software plug-in in the browser used to access the financial website, and the ID showing whether a safe browser or a regular browser was used.

The information received is protected by the Rightholder in the manner prescribed by the law and is required for the operation of the Software made available to use under the license.

Kaspersky may use the acquired statistical data based on the information received to monitor trends in computer security threats and publish reports on those threats.

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