Wi-Fi Analyzer

26 December 2023

ID 245277

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Available only in Kaspersky Premium.

The performance of your smart devices depends on the quality of your Wi-Fi signal. Adjacent networks often use the same communication channels. As a result, interference and high network load can cause your Wi-Fi connectivity to deteriorate. Wi-Fi Analyzer can help you learn more about your home Wi-Fi network, find the optimum place for the router in your home, choose the least busy communication channel and otherwise improve your Wi-Fi setup.

How to proceed to Wi-Fi Analyzer configuration

How to check Wi-Fi signal strength

How to switch to a less busy Wi-Fi channel

How to improve connection speed by changing the Wi-Fi operating mode

How to improve speed by changing the frequency band and bandwidth of the Wi-Fi channel

How to improve Wi-Fi signal using Wi-Fi roaming

We also recommend making sure you are using a strong password and secure encryption for your Wi-Fi network.

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