If you purchased a subscription from Kaspersky website

26 December 2023

ID 214812

If you have purchased your subscription in the Kaspersky online store, your My Kaspersky account was created in the course of completing the purchase. My Kaspersky account is required to activate your subscription on different devices and to manage your subscription. You can activate your subscription by logging into your My Kaspersky account from the device on which you are installing the application.

To activate a subscription on your devices:

  1. Check the inbox for the email address you specified when making your purchase. There should be two emails from Kaspersky: a receipt and instructions for completing the activation of your subscription.
  2. Click the Go to My Kaspersky link in the instructions email to complete creating your account and to log in.
  3. In the subscription information window, click Download to download the app to your device.

    Window for downloading the application from your account


  4. Install the application.

When the installation is successfully completed, the application will automatically connect to your account and be activated according to the subscription you have purchased.

When a subscription is renewed, its expiration date will be updated automatically within 24 hours on all the devices that have been activated for this subscription and are linked to your My Kaspersky account.

If you purchase a subscription from the Kaspersky Online Store, the term of the subscription begins from the moment of purchase.

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