Kaspersky Who Calls for Android

Using trace files

12 October 2023

ID 154427

Tracing is an effective way of recording detailed information about app's activity. Customer Service specialists use trace files to troubleshoot issues.

How to enable tracing

We recommend that you use tracing only when a Kaspersky Customer Service specialist asks you to do so.

Kaspersky Who Calls doesn't send trace files automatically to Kaspersky.

How to send trace files to Kaspersky

Trace files may contain personal data listed in the Statement regarding data processing.

You can also send to Kaspersky the Installation and device IDs. This data will help Customer Service specialists troubleshoot issues that you encountered while working with the app.

How to copy Installation and device IDs

By sending data to Kaspersky you confirm that you have read, understood, and accept the terms of the Statement regarding data processing.

If you don't need to record information about the app's activity anymore, disable tracing.

How to disable tracing

Kaspersky Who Calls doesn't delete trace files automatically. If you don't need tracing files anymore, you can delete them manually.

How to delete saved data

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