Manage the application from the command prompt

27 March 2023

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You can manage Kaspersky Safe Kids from the command prompt.

Use the following command line syntax: <command> [parameters]

At the command prompt, you can reference the application either from the application installation folder or by specifying the full path to the file.

Commands available for managing Kaspersky Safe Kids



Syntax example


Opens help information about the command line syntax. [ /? | HELP ]


Starts an update of Kaspersky Safe Kids. By default, the application downloads updates from the main servers.

Based on a request from Customer Service, you may need to update the application from the test servers using the [testsource] parameter.

Test servers contain untested application changes that can cause the application to fail. update


Rolls back the application databases to the previous version. This command has the following parameters:

  • [/R:<report_file>] – save only critical events
  • [/RA:<report_file>] –save all events

    where <report_file> is the full path to the TXT file where the rollback report will be saved. This command requires the password for your My Kaspersky account. rollback </password=<type_password>> [/R[A]:<report_file>]


Exports Kaspersky Safe Kids settings to a TXT file. export <full_path_to_file>


Imports settings from a TXT file to Kaspersky Safe Kids. import <full_path_to_file>


Quits Kaspersky Safe Kids. This command requires password for your My Kaspersky account. exit </password=<type_password>>


Manages logging of Kaspersky Safe Kids events. This command has the following parameters:

  • [on] – turn on logging of application events
  • [off] – turn off logging of application events
  • [clear] – clear the folder with logs
  • [copyto] – copy all log files to a new destination traces [copyto <full_path_to_file>]


Checks your My Kaspersky password. If the entered password is correct, the command prompt shows a status of 0. If the password is incorrect, you see an error. check_psw


Clears the command prompt. cls


Notifies My Kaspersky that Kaspersky Safe Kids was uninstalled. uninstall_ucp

To obtain help on the syntax of a specific command, enter one of the following commands: <command> /? HELP <command>

Command-line-based management of Kaspersky Safe Kids installation parameters is intended for use during assistance by Customer Service. You are not advised to use these parameters without being instructed to do so by Customer Service specialists or without consulting them.

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