Kaspersky Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection

Removing the application

6 December 2023

ID 248049

Removal of Kaspersky MLAD must be performed by a qualified technical specialist of the Customer, a Kaspersky employee, or a certified integrator.

When Kaspersky MLAD is removed, all Kaspersky MLAD data that was received, uploaded, and processed since the application was installed will be lost. You are advised to verify that you have a full backup copy of all Kaspersky MLAD data. When you update the application, Kaspersky MLAD automatically creates a backup copy of the previous application version. You can also manually back up the application.

To remove Kaspersky MLAD:

  1. Go to the directory where Kaspersky MLAD is installed (mlad-release-4.0.2-<installation build number> by default):

    cd mlad-release-4.0.2-<build number>

  2. Run the setup.sh installation script with the -u switch:

    sudo ./setup.sh -u

  3. Confirm removal of Kaspersky MLAD services.

Kaspersky MLAD will be removed.

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