How to access files stored in a data vault

1 April 2021

ID 84612

To gain access to the data in a data vault:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. In the lower part of the main window, click the More Tools button.

    The Tools window opens.

  3. Go to the Data Protection section.
  4. Click the Data Encryption link to open the Data Encryption window.
  5. Click the Open button next to the data vault you need.
  6. Enter the password and click the Open in Windows Explorer button.

Files stored in the data vault appear in the Explorer window. You can make the necessary changes to the files and lock the data vault again.

Starting with Kaspersky Total Security 2021, when you rename a vault, an error appears if you try to open it. To avoid this, we recommend that you open the vault you want to rename, extract your data, and create a new vault with this data, giving it a different name.

To unlock data vaults that were created using a previous version of the application, you must convert the data vaults from the old format into the new format. The application prompts you to perform conversion when you attempt to open a data vault in Kaspersky Total Security.

Data vault conversion to the new format can take a long time depending on the data vault size.

If you have not installed the latest update for Kaspersky Total Security, when upgrading to a new version the data vaults that you created in the previous version of the application may become unavailable.

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