Kaspersky Thin Client

Kaspersky Thin Client interface

23 October 2023

ID 192497

The Kaspersky Thin Client interface contains the following elements:

After connection and during a remote desktop connection session, the upper part of the screen displays the connection panel. The connection panel displays the name of the remote desktop and the name of the connected user. When you connect to a remote desktop the connection panel is collapsed and its buttons are hidden. You can move the connection panel horizontally to the right or left by clicking the panel and waiting for an arrow to appear.

The connection panel can be expanded by using one of the following methods:

  • Left-click the connection panel.
  • Press the key combination CTRL+ALT+HOME.

The expanded connection panel displays the Disconnect from server button, which closes the remote desktop connection session. You can also close the connection session by pressing CTRL+D.

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