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10 January 2024

ID 101183

A subscription for Kaspersky Security is a purchase order for the application with specific parameters (subscription expiration date, number of devices protected). You can order a subscription for Kaspersky Security from your service provider (such as your ISP). You can renew your subscription or opt out of it.

Subscription can be limited (for one year, for example) or unlimited (without an expiration date). To continue using Kaspersky Security after a limited subscription expires, you must renew it. Unlimited subscription is renewed automatically if the vendor's services have been prepaid on time.

If your subscription is paused, you may be offered a subscription renewal grace period during which the application retains its functionality. The vendor decides whether or not to grant a grace period and, if so, determines the duration of the grace period.

If your subscription has not been renewed by the end of the grace period, Kaspersky Security retains its functionality but stops updating the application databases and stops using the Kaspersky Security Network.

To use Kaspersky Security under subscription, you have to apply the activation code received from the vendor. After the activation code is applied, a subscription key is added to the application – the active key corresponding to the subscription license for the application. Information about this key is displayed in the Kaspersky Security Center interface.

SVMs on which the application is used under subscription send events to Kaspersky Security Center when subscription status changes or the subscription parameters are modified by the vendor. If the subscription has expired, the SVM status in Kaspersky Security Center changes to Critical.

If you want to cancel your subscription but continue to use the application under a commercial license, you can add a commercial key as a reserve key in advance. This key is applied automatically as the active key when your limited subscription ends or when you cancel your unlimited subscription. To cancel your subscription, contact the vendor that sold you Kaspersky Security.

A subscription key can be added only as the active key. A subscription key cannot be added as a reserve key.

Activation codes purchased under subscription may not be used to activate previous versions of Kaspersky Security.

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