Kaspersky Security for Virtualization 6.0 Light Agent

Using the utilities and scripts from the Kaspersky Security distribution kit

25 January 2024

ID 98765

To analyze the cause of errors in the operation of Kaspersky Security, Technical Support experts may ask you to use the following utilities included in the Kaspersky Security distribution kit:

  • ai_config is the utility that allows converting the SVM settings from configuration database format to text file and back.
  • cleanUpdateShare.sh is the script for removing the old Light Agent bases from the SVM.
  • configure.sh is the script for managing the SVM, viewing and modifying the SVM configuration settings. It is used by the SVM Management Wizard to reconfigure the SVM using the klconfig account.
  • dump_ods_scan_queue and dump_ods_scan_queue.sh are the utilities for viewing current scan tasks queue.
  • eventlog_client and eventlog_client.sh are the utilities for generating the events to be sent to Kaspersky Security Center.
  • firewall.sh is the script for opening up the ports to connect to Network Agent.
  • first_boot.sh is the script for changing the SVM configuration on the first boot of the SVM.
  • get_used_mem.sh is the script for showing memory usage statistics.
  • kvp_read is the utility for viewing shared data of a hypervisor from the Hyper-V KVP Exchange storage.
  • la-kvm-guest is the init.d script for managing the KVM guest service.
  • la-scanserver is the init.d script for managing the scanserver service.
  • managenet.sh is the script for managing the network interfaces.
  • on_product_install.sh is the script which allows to set a one-time SVM configuration during the SVM deployment.
  • sfw is the utility for managing the netfilter firewall of the Linux operating system.
  • show_inventory and show_inventory.sh are the utilities for viewing information about the virtual infrastructure inventory, received by the Protection Server from the Integration Server.
  • show_virt_info and show_virt_info.sh are the utilities for viewing the virtual machine information (for example bios version or hypervisor information).
  • snmp.sh is the script for enabling or disabling the SNMP monitoring on the SVM.
  • storage_util is the utility for managing the storage of the data used for Kaspersky Security database updates.
  • patch_detector.pl is the script for searching the application module update in the folder specified and run the KSV Patch Installer to install it.
  • patch_installer.pl is the script for installing the Kaspersky Security module update from the tar.gz file.
  • patch_list.pl is the script for generating the list of Kaspersky Security module updates installed on the SVM in XML format.
  • patch_rollback.pl is the script for rolling back the latest Kaspersky Security module update installed.

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