How to enable and use System Watcher in Kaspersky Internet Security 6

Latest update: 8 May 2018 ID: 14404

The System Watcher component of Kaspersky Small Office Security monitors the actions performed by applications on your computer and shares this information with other components for improved protection.

The System Watcher includes: 

  • Automatic Exploit Prevention, the technology which prevents and blocks the actions of exploits.
  • Protection against screen lockers, which detects and removes ad banners when you press the combination on the keyboard specified in the component settings.
  • Application Activity Control, which performs an action specified in the component settings when it detects suspicious application behavior.
  • Rollback of application actions, which rolls back the actions performed by a malicious application. Information about suspicious actions performed by applications is collected all the time unless you disable the component.  

How to turn System Watcher on or off


How to configure System Watcher

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