Kaspersky VPN Secure Connectiоn for Windows

About VPN limitations

2 October 2023

ID 127052

If you are using the Free version of Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection and your device is not connected to My Kaspersky, you can use up to 200 MB of secure traffic per day.

If you exceed the limit of secure traffic, the application notifies you that VPN is unavailable. It may take several minutes after the notification is displayed before VPN is actually disabled.

You can perform one of the following actions:

  • Wait the time period specified in the main application window and then re-establish a secure connection;
  • Connect the application to My Kaspersky and get additional 100 MB of secure traffic per day or 300 MB if you have an active Kaspersky Plus subscription on My Kaspersky;
  • Remove the limitation by switching to the Unlimited version.

The amount of used traffic that is displayed in the main application window may differ from the actual amount by up to 15%.

The application displays a notification informing you that secure traffic is available to you again within an hour after the traffic counter is reset.

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