Kaspersky VPN Secure Connectiоn for Mac

Kaspersky VPN versions

12 April 2023

ID 143115

Kaspersky VPN is available in free and Unlimited versions.

Note: The availability of the free version depends on your region.

Free version:

  • Free of charge.
  • Always available.
  • Limited amount of secure traffic per day.
  • You can't choose the VPN server. It is selected automatically.

You can switch from the free version to the Unlimited version by purchasing a subscription.

Unlimited version:

  • Unlimited daily traffic.
  • You can choose the VPN server.
  • Kill Switch.
  • Available via a subscription.
  • The application may be installed on several devices (Mac, mobile, tablet, PC) under one subscription.

For more information on Kaspersky VPN versions, visit My Kaspersky.

Note: When you use the Unlimited version of Kaspersky VPN, the application may notify you that another subscription is available. This notification appears only if the found subscription applies to fewer devices than your current subscription. If you switch to this subscription, Kaspersky VPN installed on some of your devices will switch to the free version.

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