Kaspersky Security Cloud 19 for Windows

How to update installed applications through Kaspersky Security Cloud 19

Latest update: 29 December 2022 ID: 14706

Updating installed applications improves the security of your computer. Kaspersky Security Cloud can help you run a search for updates for installed applications, download and install the latest updates. 

Kaspersky Security Cloud runs the search regularly and, if new updates are available, shows you a notification in the lower-right corner of the screen. Click Show to view the available updates.

Updates notification in Kaspersky Security Cloud 19

Click Update all to install all detected updates. You can also install updates for specific applications.

Installing all the updates found with Kaspersky Security Cloud 19

You can also start the search for updates manually. See the guide in the block below. 


How to start a search for updates manually


List of the applications for which Software Updater is looking for updates


What to do in case of update problems

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