Kaspersky Security Cloud 19 for Windows

How to roll back to the previous version of Kaspersky Security Cloud and keep the application settings

Latest update: May 14, 2018 ID: 14387

The following features have been discontinued in Kaspersky Security Cloud version 

Component Discontinued features

Application Manager

System Changes Control

Parental Control

Control of communication in social networks


  • Integration with Microsoft Office Outlook and Outlook Express.
    • Anti-Spam training: the Mark as spam and Mark as not spam buttons.
    • Settings available in the extension: enabling and disabling of Anti-Spam, actions for Spam and Probable spam detections ( move, copy, delete, skip, mark as read), scanning mail in the subfolders of the Inbox folder.
  • User-generated spam base.
    • The user-generated spam base.
    • Checking mail for spam by the user’s spam base.
    • The user-generated spam base stops working.
  • Scan of mail sent though Exchange MAPI.
  • Adding a sender’s address to the list of exclusions for Anti-Spam.
  • Actions on spam mail detection: move, copy, delete, skip.

You can configure spam relocation rules using the Outlook features.

The following Anti-Spam features keep functioning:

  • Scanning of incoming mail.
  • Editing the list of allowed and blocked senders through the interface.
  • Editing the list of blocked and allowed phrases through the interface.
  • Phishing scan settings in the interface.
  • The settings of the URL check in the interface.

For the full list of changes, see this article.

If the discontinued features are important for you, return to the earlier version of Kaspersky Security Cloud.


How to roll back to the previous version

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