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How to get a list of user sessions on devices in Kaspersky Security Center

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  • User sessions are not displayed in the Sessions section of device properties on the Administration Server.
This section should display user accounts with active sessions on devices running Windows.
  • Domain accounts are not displayed in the AdvancedUser Accounts section of the Administration Server Console.


  1. Check that Active Directory polling is enabled on the Administration Server if the issue occurs for domain users.
    If the polling is enabled, make sure that its settings are correct.
  2. Make sure that the Server service is running on all Windows devices. To do this, open a command line and run the command:
powershell Get-Service LanmanServer

If you see the Running status, then the service is running.

Checking if the Server service is running on the managed device.

  1. Make sure that the versions of the Administration Server and the Network Agent match. We recommend that you regularly update your applications to the latest version.

If all the recommendations are met, user sessions will appear after the Active Directory polling and a synchronization of managed devices with the Administration Server. If the default synchronization period (15 minutes) for the Network Agent is set, wait 30 minutes and check if the issue has been resolved. For more information about the synchronization settings, see this article.


How to configure Active Directory polling to display user sessions


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