Kaspersky Security Center 11 (version patch B

Latest update: January 15, 2020 ID: 15293

Patch B for Kaspersky Security Center 11 was released on September 26, 2019.

Patch B includes:

  • patch_11_0_0_1131_console_b  — patch for Administration Console that must be installed on a device that has Administration Console installed without Administration Server.
  • patch_11_0_0_1131_nagent_b.zip  — patch for Network Agent that must be installed on a managed device that has stand-alone Network Agent installed without Administration Server.
  • patch_11_0_0_1131_server_b.zip  — patch for Administration Server that must be installed on a device designated as the Administration Server. This component includes patches for Administration Console and Network Agent.
  • patch_11_0_0_1131_ios_mdm_b.zip  — patch for iOS MDM Server.

How to install patch "B"


How to check if the patch is installed


Fixes and improvements

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