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How to check iOS MDM performance in Kaspersky Security Center

Latest update: 8 April 2024 ID: 12432
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If you encounter problems when using the iOS MDM Server:

  1. Check the certificates of the iOS MDM Server for accuracy using these instructions.
  2. Check APNs service for accessibility using this guide.
  3. Create an event selection of the iOS MDM Server in the Administration Console. Check the selection for errors and incomplete commands. To learn how to create an event selection, see the instructions. When creating a selection, go to the Events tab and select iOS MDM Server from the Application drop-down list.
  4. Check the trace files of the iOS MDM Server according to this guide. Internal services such as RPC and WEB must be started.

How to check network accessibility and iOS MDM Server certificates for accuracy


How to check the APNs service for accessibility

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