Kaspersky Internet Security
Installation errors
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Error 2771 when installing a Kaspersky application19 February 2024
Error “Cannot connect to the application installation source”11 July 2024
Errors 1330 and "Digital Signature of installation files is missing”2 May 2024
Error "You do not have enough rights to perform this operation”18 April 2024
“Insufficient disc space” error 19 April 2024
Error “The operating system does not comply with requirements” or “Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)”10 July 2023
Error 131611 July 2023
Installation of a Kaspersky application on computers with incompatible software is not recommended9 February 2021
Base Filtering Engine not found18 April 2024
Error "Active infection"2 August 2023
“Cannot connect to My Kaspersky" error when installing a Kaspersky application26 December 2023
.NET Framework or .Net Desktop Runtime error when installing or starting a Kaspersky application28 July 2023
Error "You have chosen a disk with incompatible software: FAT32 file system"21 July 2020
"The application has been updated but old version files have not been removed" error11 July 2023
Error 1714 when installing a Kaspersky application11 July 2023
"Application was not installed" error11 July 2023
Error “The application was not installed. Your computer may be infected by viruses”27 October 2023
Error occurred during application installation14 March 2023
Installation of a Kaspersky application on Windows 7 freezes at the step “Installing Microsoft .Net Framework”11 July 2023
Windows Update error when installing the .Net Framework20 December 2023
Windows Installer Service is busy6 February 2024
Error when loading the installer11 July 2023
Error 27300 when installing a Kaspersky application20 March 2023
Error 1306 when installing a Kaspersky application11 July 2023
"Internal Error 2318" when installing or uninstalling the app11 July 2023
Error 1723 when installing a Kaspersky application10 July 2023
Error 1303 or “Unknown error” when installing a Kaspersky application28 June 2023
Errors “Files are not found on the server”, “Installation files are corrupted” and “Cannot connect to the application installation source”22 April 2024
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