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About database and application module updates

1 April 2021

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The installation package of Kaspersky Internet Security includes databases and application modules. Using these databases:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security detects the majority of threats using Kaspersky Security Network, which requires an Internet connection.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security detects adware, auto dialers, and other legitimate software that can be used by intruders to damage your computer or personal data.

To get full protection, we recommend updating the databases and application modules as soon as the application has been installed.

Databases and program modules are updated in stages:

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security starts updating databases and application modules according to the specified settings: automatically, on schedule, or on demand. The application contacts an update source that stores a database and application module update package.
  2. Kaspersky Internet Security compares the existing databases with the databases available at the update source. If the databases are different, Kaspersky Internet Security downloads the missing parts of the databases.

The application then uses the updated databases and application modules to scan the computer for viruses and other threats.

Update sources

You can use the following update sources:

  • Kaspersky update servers
  • HTTP or FTP server
  • Network folder

Special considerations when updating databases and application modules

Updates of databases and application modules are subject to the following restrictions and specifics:

  • Databases are considered out of date after one day and extremely out of date after seven days.
  • To download an update package from Kaspersky servers, an Internet connection is required.
  • Updates of databases and application modules are unavailable in the following cases:
    • The license has expired, and the grace period or limited functionality mode is not available.
    • A metered mobile Internet connection is used. This limitation applies on computers running under Microsoft Windows 8 or more recent versions of this operating system if automatic updates or scheduled updates are enabled and a traffic limit has been set for a metered mobile connection. If you want the application to update databases and application modules in this case, clear the Limit traffic on metered connections check box under Settings → Network settings.
    • The application is used under subscription, and you have suspended your subscription on the website of the service provider.

Installing an update package

When an update package (patch) is received, Kaspersky Internet Security installs it automatically. To complete the installation of an update package, you must restart the computer. Until the computer is restarted, the application icon in the notification area is red, and the Kaspersky Internet Security Notification Center window displays a prompt to restart the computer.

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