Kaspersky Internet Security

Checking application reputation

1 April 2021

ID 70908

Kaspersky Internet Security allows you to verify the reputation of applications with users all over the world. The reputation of an application comprises the following criteria:

  • Name of the vendor
  • Information about the digital signature (if the application is digitally signed)
  • Information about the group to which the application has been assigned by Application Control or most users of Kaspersky Security Network
  • Number of users of Kaspersky Security Network who use the application (available if the application has been included in the Trusted group in the Kaspersky Security Network database)
  • Time at which the application become known to Kaspersky Security Network
  • Countries in which the application is the most widespread

Checking of application reputation is available if you have agreed to participate in Kaspersky Security Network.

To learn the reputation of an application:

Open the context menu of the application's executable file and select Check reputation in KSN.

This opens a window with information about the reputation of the application in Kaspersky Security Network.

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