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1 April 2021

ID 127466

If you have not updated applications on your computer for a long time, these applications may contain vulnerabilities. Intruders can exploit such vulnerabilities to harm your computer or data.

Updating installed applications improves the security of your computer. Using Kaspersky Internet Security, you can search for updates for installed applications and download and install the latest updates.

Kaspersky Internet Security divides application updates into two types:

  • Important - updates that fix vulnerabilities of installed applications and improve the security of your computer.
  • Recommended – updates that improve the functionality and/or make changes to the installed applications.

Kaspersky Internet Security regularly searches for updates. When Kaspersky Internet Security finds a new update for an application installed on your computer, Kaspersky Internet Security shows a pop-up notification in the notification area. Information about the availability, quantity, and type of available updates is displayed in the Notification Center. You can view, download, and install available updates via the Notification Center.

You can also manually start the search for application updates.

By default, Kaspersky Internet Security automatically downloads and installs all updates for known applications if they do not require you to accept new end user license agreements.

In Windows 8 and later versions, Kaspersky Internet Security pauses automatic downloads of application updates when a metered Internet connection is used. Downloading of updates is resumed once the unlimited connection is restored. If you have manually started the update, the application will download the update regardless of whether or not you are using a limited connection.

You may need administrator privileges on the computer to update certain applications.

Applications that you do not want to update or for which you do not want to install individual updates are placed by Kaspersky Internet Security into the exclusions list. You can view and edit the list of exclusions.

Before starting the first search for application updates, Kaspersky Internet Security may require an update of databases and application modules.

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