How to check the safety of your passwords

9 November 2022

ID 232502

Available only in Kaspersky Premium.

Your internet accounts are in grave danger if they have non-unique or weak passwords (for example, qwerty or 12345) and if the passwords are based on information that is easy to guess or obtain (for example, names of your relatives or dates of birth).

The Kaspersky application can help you quickly check how complex your passwords are and if the same password is used in more than one account.

To check password safety:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Select the Privacy section.
  3. Under Password Safety, do one of the following:
    • Click Download if Kaspersky Password Manager is not installed yet. The name of the button can be Start or Open if Kaspersky Password Manager is not configured, out of date, or connected to a My Kaspersky account that does not match the account to which the Kaspersky application is connected.

      This starts the installation of Kaspersky Password Manager. Follow the Wizard instructions.

    • Click Scan if the scan has not been run yet.
    • Click Details if the scan has already been run.

Scan results are displayed under Password Safety grouped by safety categories.

To learn more about password scans, refer to the Kaspersky Password Manager Help.

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