Data provision under the End User License Agreement

9 November 2022

ID 144976

This section contains information on the specific data that are provided to Kaspersky if you have installed the application version which is not intended for use in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Brazil, or by California residents.

Data for Kaspersky Free and Kaspersky Basic plans

Data for Kaspersky Standard plan

Data for Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Premium plans

Kaspersky protects the received information according to legal requirements and applicable rules of Kaspersky. The data is transmitted over encrypted channels.

In order to improve security awareness about new threats and their sources and in order to improve Your security protection level and the product’s operation, the Rightholder, with your consent that has been explicitly confirmed in the Kaspersky Security Network Data Collection Statement, is expressly entitled to receive such information. You can deactivate the Kaspersky Security Network service during installation. Also, You can activate and deactivate the Kaspersky Security Network service at any time in the Software settings window.

You further acknowledge and agree that any information gathered by Rightholder can be used to track and publish reports on security risk trends in the Rightholder’s sole and exclusive discretion.

If you do not wish for the information collected by the Software to be sent to the Rightholder, You should not activate and/or de-activate, the Kaspersky Security Network service.

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