About the Smart Home Monitor component

9 November 2022

ID 138204

Available only in Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Premium.

Hackers could potentially capture your password or hack into your home network to take advantage of your Internet or steal your data. The Kaspersky application protects your wireline Ethernet networks and Wi-Fi networks against unauthorized connections.

As soon as you confirm that your home network is detected correctly, we begin monitoring devices connected to that network and some vulnerabilities such as a weak Wi-Fi password or router encryption. If we detect vulnerabilities or a new device on the network that you have not previously identified as a known device, we will warn you about it and suggest recommendations to let you take steps to protect your home network and devices that use it.

Notifications about home network vulnerabilities are only available in Kaspersky Premium. Notifications about new devices connecting to your home network are available in Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Premium.

When the device connects to your network, the Kaspersky application prompts you to confirm if the network is your home network. If you confirm that it is your home network, the application asks if you want to view devices connected to the network:

You can disable Smart Home Monitor. When you disable the component, the Kaspersky application stops notifying you about connections to your network.

To learn other available security methods for connecting to Wi-Fi networks, visit the Kaspersky Support website.

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