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Sharing My Kaspersky credentials via a link

24 August 2023

ID 222804

If you have purchased a multidevice subscription for Kaspersky app, you can generate a personal link to install Kaspersky app on your computer or other devices. Your account data will be automatically transferred to the new device.

The list of available platforms and device types depends on your subscription. To view the platforms and device types available to you, go to the Downloads section on the My Kaspersky website.

To install Kaspersky app on the other device:

  1. In the Profile section of Kaspersky app, tap Protect.

    The link is created by My Kaspersky services and includes important parameters for your authentication. Do not send your personal link to anyone, because it may result in data leakage.

  2. On the screen that appears tap Send link.

    A system window with link sharing options appears.

  3. Open the link on the device, where you want to install Kaspersky app.

    Now you can download the app and right after that you will be automatically signed in to your My Kaspersky account.

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