Saving data for future use

15 March 2021

ID 43540

During this step you can specify which of the data used by the application you want to keep for further use during the next installation of the application (for example, when installing a newer version of the application).

You can save the following data:

  • License information is a set of data that rules out the need to activate the application during future installation, by allowing you to use it under the current license unless the license expires before you start the installation.
  • Quarantine files are files scanned by the application and moved to Quarantine.

    After Kaspersky Anti-Virus is removed from the computer, quarantined files become unavailable. To perform operations with these files, Kaspersky Anti-Virus must be installed.

  • Operational settings of the application are the values of the application settings selected during configuration.

    You can also export the protection settings at the command prompt, by using the following command: EXPORT <file_name>.

  • iChecker data are files that contain information about objects that have already been scanned using iChecker technology.

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