About Kaspersky Next

13 May 2024

ID 269584

Kaspersky Next is a software solution developed specifically for small, medium-sized, and large businesses. It lets you manage security for multiple endpoints, mobile devices, and file servers remotely, by using a cloud-based console.

Kaspersky Next has two views:

  • Pro View

    It provides easier GUI and less features. Recommended for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Expert View

    It provides more complicated GUI and more features. Recommended for large-scale businesses.

If this is permitted by the license under which Kaspersky Next is activated, you can migrate your users' devices and settings from the Pro View to the Expert View.

By using Kaspersky Next, you can do the following:

  • Install and update Kaspersky applications in a centralized way on the computers and mobile devices of your company employees that have been connected to Kaspersky Next
  • Manage device settings and protection by using security profiles

Kaspersky Next is hosted and maintained by Kaspersky. You do not have to install Kaspersky Next on your computer. You only need a browser and internet access to use Kaspersky Next.

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