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“Unknown error” during activating a Kaspersky application8 September 2023
“The application should be reinstalled” message13 February 2024
Messages "Certificate verification problem detected" and "Cannot guarantee authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established" when trying to open a website21 September 2023
“My Kaspersky is temporarily unavailable. Our specialists are looking into the issue” error30 January 2024
Error during an encrypted connection scan in a Kaspersky application31 May 2024
Kaspersky application adaptation error when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 104 April 2023
How to reset a password for a Kaspersky application18 June 2024
Error connecting a Kaspersky application to My Kaspersky due to unsecured Internet connection7 February 2023
Main reasons for errors delivering one-time passwords for My Kaspersky or Small Office Security Management Console10 February 2023
A Kaspersky application won’t start8 September 2023
How to find a Kaspersky application on your computer13 July 2023
A scan task freezes or stops13 July 2023
Application "crashes", "freezes" or "lags"; the "Previous application launch failed" error message appears8 September 2023
Error "Some protection components are corrupted"11 October 2023
A website is completely or partially blocked by a Kaspersky application. What should I do?13 July 2023
Problem accessing network printers or shared drives and folders caused by a Kaspersky application4 August 2023
Error when removing an application using PC Cleaner30 January 2023
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