Manage subscriptions

6 September 2023

ID 58759

If you are using a trial version of the application, you can:

  • Buy a subscription
  • Activate your subscription with an activation code if you have one

You have to renew your subscription if the subscription associated with the active key has expired or the grace period has ended. When the subscription expires and the grace period is over, the application continues to operate with limited functionality (for example, updates and Kaspersky Security Network become unavailable). You can still use some of application components and run virus scans, but only with the anti-virus databases that were installed before the grace period ended.

Renew your subscription

Note: If you have a different My Kaspersky account with an active subscription, you can switch accounts in the Profile window.

If you have a new activation code, you can add it to the application to be used as a reserve code. When the current subscription expires, the application is activated automatically with the reserve activation code. This way, you can ensure uninterrupted protection for your device.

Add a reserve activation code

Your subscription status may become out of date. In this case, you need to manually update the status of your subscription.

Update subscription status

For more information about managing subscriptions, see the following topics from the Kaspersky help for Windows application:

How subscription works

How to cancel your subscription

How to set a different payment method

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