About data provision

7 July 2020

ID 201277

Kaspersky provides the client with access to the Software - Area9 platform including the following components: Area9 Rhapsode™ Learner; - Area9 Rhapsode™ - Educator. Kaspersky is eligible to provide this access in accordance with the OEM SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT concluded between Area9 Lyceum ApS, a company incorporated in Denmark, and Kaspersky Lab Switzerland GmbH, a company incorporated in Switzerland. The access to the Software is governed by the terms and conditions of the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT for KASPERSKY ADAPTIVE ONLINE TRAINING.

The client is the owner of all data processed in the platform and the controller in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [1].

Kaspersky will process the data in accordance with the data processing agreement and complies with all legal requirements of GDPR for the protection of personal data, e.g. Kaspersky processes the data only on behalf of the customer, implements a full range of security measures for the processing of personal data, and others. It is mandatory to use subcontractors only with the approval of the data controller and in compliance with legal requirements.

In accordance with the subprocessing agreement between Kaspersky Lab Switzerland GmbH and Area9 Lyceum ApS, the Client’s data is processed by Area9 Lyceum ApS as an Agent (subprocessor). Data center provider and provider of software services is Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL with its servers located in Germany, Frankfurt.

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