How to protect your PC against file-encrypting ransomware

Latest update: February 10, 2022 ID: 10952

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Apart from protection against viruses and threats, Kaspersky Internet Security features protection for your children against online threats and secures your internet connectionweb camera streamonline payments. It also allows blocking banner ads and data collection and helps timely update your software and remove unused applications.

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Ransomware is a kind of file-encrypting malware that encrypts your files and then demands ransom for decrypting them. Some of the programs encrypt the files without demanding ransom.

No one can guarantee that your files will be decrypted after you pay ransom.
We recommend configuring protection for the device in advance as it helps to prevent infections and mitigate possible damage.

General recommendations


Recommendations on configuring system settings


Recommendations on configuring Kaspersky applications


Recommendations on decrypting files


What to do if there is a suspicious file on the computer


Possible ransomware file locations

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