"Protection against screenshots is disabled" message when running Safe Browser in Kaspersky Lab products


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"Protection against screenshots is disabled" message when running Safe Browser in Kaspersky Lab products

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Latest update: 2019 Jun 21 ID: 12690

The article concerns:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security 17, 18
  • Kaspersky Total Security 17, 18
  • Kaspersky Small Office Security 5

In some cases, you may encounter the error Hypervisor-powered protection against screenshots does not work. This can happen if Safe Browser is turned on computers under Windows 8Windows 8.1 (x64), or Windows 10 with a Kaspersky Lab product installed and running. The error means that Safe Browser cannot protect your computer from malware which secretly takes screenshots of your actions on the computer. 

Possible causes of the error:

  • Hardware incompatibility. Processor and motherboard of your computer must support virtualization.
  • Protection is not enabled in the product settings.  

    Solution: select the check box Block capturing screenshots in Protected Browser in the product settings.  

  • Virtualization is blocked in BIOS settings. 

    Solution: enable third-party hypervisor support in BIOS settings.

  • Virtualization is blocked by other software. 

    Solution: close all applications that use the hypervisor (for example, VMWare) and restart the protected browser.

Follow the steps below to find out the cause of the error and fix it: 

1. Check if Protection against screenshots is enabled


2. Check if virtualization is supported


3. Enable the support of third-party hypervisors in BIOS

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