How to reboot macOS (OS X) in single-user mode


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How to reboot macOS (OS X) in single-user mode

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Latest update: 2019 May 16 ID: 8429

Kaspersky Lab technical support specialists may require you to boot your Mac in single-user mode for troubleshooting purposes. To do so:

  1. Click Apple icon in OS X in the macOS (OS X) menu bar and select Restart.

Rebooting Mac OS (OS X)

  1. Click Restart.

 Confirming Mac OS (OS X) reboot

  1. Press and hold Command + R on the keyboard until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
In single-user mode, the keyboard layout is US English.
You cannot enter single-user mode if the computer’s owner or the administrator has enabled Open Firmware Password Protection.
  1. Click Disk UtilityContinue.

Opening the Disk Utility in Mac OS (OS X) single-user mode

  1. Select the volume in use.
  2. Click the Mount icon in the top menu if it is active.
  3. Close the Disk Utility window.

Mounting a volume via Disk Utility in Mac OS (OS X)

Mac OS (OS X) will now run in single-user mode. To exit single-user mode, reboot the system once again.

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