Error during encrypted connection scan in a Kaspersky Lab product


Error during encrypted connection scan in a Kaspersky Lab product

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Latest update: October 23, 2019 ID: 13720

Kaspersky Lab products use the Kaspersky Protection extension and their own SSL certificate to scan encrypted connections. The application decrypts encrypted traffic using this certificate.  

If an error occurs when decrypting traffic, he application prompts you to add the website to the list of exclusions from encrypted scanning. You can:

  • Ignore the notification. The application will terminate the connection to the website.
  • Add the website to the exclusions list. The application will check the website URL against the anti-virus database using the Kaspersky Protection extension. If the site is safe, it will be opened.  

If you added the website to the exclusions list but the Kaspersky Protection extension is not installed in your browser, the following protection components will not work on that website: Web Anti-Virus, Anti-Banner, Safe Money, Private Browsing, URL Advisor, and Parental Control. 

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