Error "This key is already in use"


Error "This key is already in use"

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Latest update: December 18, 2019 ID: 13712


When renewing the license and entering the activation code from the email, an error message may appear stating that "This key is already in use". 


Renewing the license does not change the activation code. The application license term is updated automatically as soon as you complete the purchase. You do not need to add the activation code to your application manually.


If the renewed license is used on several devices and the license term failed to update on any of them, follow the steps below.

You can update the license information manually: 

  1. Open the application and go to the Licensing window.
  2. Click Update the status

Updating the license information

The correct license term will be displayed.

If the license term did not update after refreshing the status manually, try deleting the license and reactivating the application with the same activation code. See this article for instructions. 


What to do if the issue persists

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