How to generate a report using Get System Info

Latest update: November 29, 2021 ID: 3632

Download Kaspersky Get System Info

Kaspersky Get System Info (GSI) is a free tool for collecting information about the operating system. 

You can also download a tool for business solutions.


After the installation of a Kaspersky product, the operating system or the product may work incorrectly due to incompatibility of software or drivers installed on your computer with the Kaspersky product. 

To find out the cause of the problem and solve it, Kaspersky Technical Support may need a Get System Info report.

If the technical engineer didn't specify the type of the report, please create a standard report for home or business solutions.


How to get a standard Get System Info report


How to run Get System Info remotely


How to run Get System Info from the command line


Version release information


GetSystemInfo End User License Agreement


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