How to recover an activation code for a Kaspersky application without using My Kaspersky

Latest update: 10 February 2023 ID: 15405

If you didn't receive an email with the purchased activation code to the email address you specified when making the purchase, contact the store where you made the purchase.

You can recover your activation code without connecting to My Kaspersky in the following cases:

  • If you purchased the activation code in an online store. Find instructions below.
  • If you purchased a card with the code printed on it. In this case, contact Kaspersky Customer Service. Attach a screenshot of the license key window to your request. Find instructions below.

If you have bought a subscription for Kaspersky Basic, Standard, or Plus on the Kaspersky website, the information about your purchase will appear in your My Kaspersky account. The activation code is not required. The subscription will be applied automatically after you download an application from My Kaspersky and install it. For more information, see Online Help.
If there is no information about your purchase in My Kaspersky, contact Kaspersky Customer Service by choosing the topic of your request.


How to contact the store where the purchase was made


How to contact Kaspersky Customer Service

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