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About activation codes for Kaspersky products

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This article concerns:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus 
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 18 for Mac
  • Kaspersky Total Security
This article does not contain activation codes.

An activation code is a code you get when you purchase a license to use a Kaspersky product. It consists of 20 Latin characters and is divided into blocks in the following way: ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ. This code is required to activate the application.

You can get an activation code in a number of ways, depending on how your purchased your license:

  • If you purchased Kaspersky Lab product in the online store, the activation code is sent to the email address you specified when making the purchase.
  • If you bought a boxed version of the product, you will find your activation code in the Quick Start Guide.
  • If you bought a license renewal card, see the code on the back of the card.

To avoid losing your activation code, connect the device with the installed Kaspersky application to your My Kaspersky account. See this article for instructions.

Information about your license will be available in the Licenses tab. You can view the activation code by clicking Details. See this article for more information.


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